FBIM Transactions
Edited by
Zoran Čekerevac

Thematic areas

  • Banking
  • Behavioral finance
  • Business finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Finance theory
  • Financial markets
  • Financial strategies
  • International finance
  • Modeling in finance
  • Public finance
  • Taxation

  • Accounting and auditing
  • Business communications
  • Business economics
  • Business information system
  • Business taxation
  • E-business
  • Economics, including economic: policy, system, theory
  • Education for business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Inovation and technology
  • International trade
  • Life long learning
  • Marketing

    Information and Industrial technology
  • Application of IT in management
  • Application of IT in higher education
  • Cloud computing
  • Computers and new technologies
  • Data protection
  • Education
  • Industrial research
  • Information technology
  • New services
  • Information security
  • Information system security

  • Education
  • Law
  • Legal aspects of management
  • Management in agribusiness
  • Management in crisis situations
  • Management in ecology
  • Management in economics
  • Management in education
  • Management in industry
  • Management in transport
  • Politics and society
  • Public administration
  • Public management
  • Technologies and quality tools in management

    These are basic, but not exclusive themed areas.


    For FBIM Transactions journal it is acceptable to publish extended versions of the best papers from scientific conferences held recently.

    The papers will be published in accordance with the proposals of reviewers and the opinion of the Editorial Board.

    FBIM Transactions is published twice a year, on January 15th and July 15th, but draft versions of accepted articles will be on reader's disposal as "Read preview" as soon as they will be accepted for publishing.

    FBIM Transactions publishes abstracts of accepted articles in English as well as in Serbian or similar languages.

    To help readers in citeing published articles, FBIM Transactions journal gives "ready to copy" references in several systems: APA (Sixth Edition), Chicago (Fifteenth Edition), GOST (Name Sort, 2003), Harvard (Anglia, 2008), ISO 690 (Numerical Reference, 1987).

    We wish you further success in your future endeavours and invite you to publish your works, because, if you wish to be famous and quoted, people first have to hear for you. We will help you!

  • MESTE NGO and FBIM Transactions support teamwork and encourage international scientific cooperation.

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